Meet the Team

Samantha Forkas

Account Manager

Samantha is the DHAA Account Manager at BMS, and will work alongside DHAA and its members to answer and manage enquiries. Samantha has worked in the insurance industry for almost a decade, with majority of that time spent working closely with small business owners and association members in the allied health space. The past 4 years Samantha has also led the National Insurance Association’s Young Professional’s Committee which is where her passion for working with association groups was formed. She has an ongoing dedication to provide truly member centric service and create meaningful experiences for Association Members.

Shelley Yiasoumi

Assistant Account Executive

Shelley Yiasoumi is actively involved in the BMS service team for DHAA and brings with her skills and knowledge from her previous role with a healthcare insurance provider. Having been in the Healthcare Insurance industry for a number of years, Shelley brings a bright personality and strong technical skills to ensure all members of DHAA have a positive experience when contacting BMS.

John Cotterill

Account Manager

John acts as an additional Account Manager to answer member enquiries. John originally studied Psychology but found his technical and analytical skills were better applied to the insurance industry. With more than 8 years experience in the industry and inquisitive nature, John is constantly finding ways to improve customer experience and add real value to Associations.

Shamus Breen

Managing Director

Shamus is the Managing Director of the Australian Affinity office. Shamus has more than 20 years of industry experience, having served senior roles at two of the major international brokers in the affinity and healthcare sectors. His passion for creating meaningful member value for associations and its members has seen him focus on this industry throughout his career as an insurance broker.